Scott Schaefer

Almost Live!: Still Alive - Scott Schaefer |

Almost Live!: Still Alive - Scott Schaefer |

There was only one Keister on Almost Live. One Conway, one Nye, one Nelson, Wilson, Wyatt and Stainton. McHale was the only one with a prefix (Mc). There WERE two Guppys – Nancy and Joe – but they were married to one another so that doesn’t count.

But the show’s two different Shafers were unconnected, unrelated and unalike. Scott Schaefer – unlike the show’s original host, Ross Shafer – was also a key member of the show nearly from the start. A native of Seattle, Scott came to the program with clever ideas, some sharp writing and actual TV production knowledge.

On a start-up local comedy show without a real precedent or blue-print, he was a big part of shaping its viewpoint, attitude and production approach.

Today, Scott runs the award-winning local news business – South King Media – covering the happenings in local towns from Sea-Tac to White Center to Burien. He also runs the hyper-local website I Love Kent – the very town that became Almost Live‘s number one punchline.

In 2020, Scott was named Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce’s Corporate Citizen of the Year – yet another example of Almost Live being an unlikely springboard to eventual respectability.

Living now in Burien with his wife Theresa, her mom, two nearly-grown kids, a couple of chihuahuas, two cats and a lizard… let’s snag a conversation with Scott Schaefer…