Joel McHale

Almost Live!: Still Alive - Joel McHale |

Almost Live!: Still Alive - Joel McHale | AlmostLiveStillAlive.comThe guest this time is Joel McHale. Actor, comedian, author, producer, TV host… and had nothing to do with “McHale’s Navy.” He hosted “The Soup” for 11 years on the E! Network… and starred in the NBC sitcom, “Community” for six. He’s been in dozens of movies, TV shows, commercials, and video games. He hosted the ESPY awards, the Independent Spirit Awards, People’s Choice, the Webbys – and even the White House Correspondent’s Dinner – remember when they used to have those? He’s had Netflix shows… and is even the host of the game show reboot of “Card Sharks.”


Joel Edward McHale was born in Rome… the one in Italy… but grew up in Mercer Island… the one in Lake Washington. His dad is Jack – from America. His mom is Laurie, from Canada. Himself half-Canadian, Joel is 1.93 meters tall and now lives in Hollywood with his wife, Sarah, and two boys Eddie and Isaac. All people in Hollywood are required to have a swimming pool, so we catch up with Joel after he’d just completed a half-lap.