Ralph Bevins

Almost Live!: Still Alive - Ralph Bevins | AlmostLiveStillAlive.com

Almost Live!: Still Alive - Ralph Bevins | AlmostLiveStillAlive.com


When you talk about the cast and crew of Almost Live!, you’re not exactly talking about cookie-cutter versions of personnel. But if you insist on the cookie analogy, we’re talking about every kind you can think of: There were ginger snaps, like Nancy Guppy. Sugar cookies, like Tracey Conway. Snickerdoodles, like Steve Wilson, Peanut Butter Keister, Gingerbread men like Bob Nelson, Ed Wyatt, and Joe Guppy – and Animal Crackers with nuts like most of the rest.

But one person – Ralph Bevins – is his own kind of cookie… a mix of ingredients – maybe some chocolate chips, butter, eggs, honey, some extracts – and, sometimes, molasses.

Ralph was the show’s chief videographer, director, and editor during much of its best years. He was also an occasional producer and writer and, like his preceding camera wizard, Darrell Suto (also known as Billy Quan,) Ralph also portrayed an on-camera character you couldn’t ignore.

As he began his career, he was well-traveled around the U.S. until a bit of fate landed him in Seattle. A life-long fan of all things cinema, Ralph brought a film buff’s eye to Almost Live! that helped make it look and feel like a big deal TV show.

He’s retired now, but he still lives in town with his wife, Beth and two kids – neither of whom is named Ralph.

Here’s the indomitable, the talented, the beloved, and the incomparable… Ralph Bevins.