Tom Juvik

Almost Live!: Still Alive - Tom Juvik |

Almost Live!: Still Alive - Tom Juvik |

One of the reasons we all live where we do is because of the long line of early explorers and frontiersmen who led the way: People like Balboa, Ponce de Leon, and Hernando De Soto – inventor of the Chrysler hard-top coupe.

And Almost Live! had its pioneers too; its Lewis and Clark‘s, Daniel Boone‘s and Kit Carson‘s. In fact, it is little remembered today, but the early members of Almost Live! often wore buckskin and coonskin caps – and if their comedy didn’t always hit the mark, maybe it’s because they were using primitive muskets, not the modern rifles available today.

And now that this analogy has run its course, it’s time to meet one of those first pathfinders of the show that first began in 1984: Tom Juvik.

Tom spent most of his career as a beloved South Kitsap school teacher. He’s also the writer of award-winning short stories and newspaper columns. He’s a graduate of the University of Washington – and a Vietnam War veteran. He was one of the very first writers for Almost Live! and later, Fox TV’s Late Show. His waters run deep – and cool.

And he also happens to be one of the finest people you’ll ever meet. Creative writer, funny man, teacher and family guy. Tom Juvik.