Mike Neun

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There’s a British cage-fighter named Mike Neun. He hits people in the face.

THAT Mike Neun is not the subject of this episode. This one doesn’t hit people in the face. He just makes their face smile a lot.

The Mike Neun of this podcast has never fought a cage – and would see no reason in doing so. THIS one describes himself as having the mind of an athlete… and the body of an intellectual. He says he’s “the funniest comedian you’ve never heard of.”

The Mike Neun you’re going to meet in this episode has opened for some of the biggest names in show business: From Ann-Margret to Johnny Mathis to Ann-Margret. And many more.

He has quite literally traveled the globe making people laugh. It’s why he was brought in back in 1984 to bring jokes and fun to a show – “Almost Live!” – that was just beginning to find its footing.

Today, Mike lives in Thailand – yes, THAT Thailand. He’s a self-confessed comedian, semi-Buddhist, golf junkie. He’s retired now, but as you will discover, he’s funnier than ever.

Meet the exquisitely wonderful: Mike Neun.